• Consulting: The purchase / sale or lease of real estate, in many cases is a complex transaction that requires important decision making. Casa Nueva supports its customers throughout the process, providing information and offering its expertise to achieve successful operations and outcomes for all parties involved.

  • Management: We do all the work prior to the deed and / or takeover of properties. Analysis of properties´ titles and cadastral state, Municipality´s proceedings , Revenue Department, Land Registry . We accompany the client in ticketa signing events and later deeds, culminating our task with the handover and takeover.

  • Property Management: Our commitment is to guarantee our clients the tranquility of in-time leasing collect and the full maintenance of their property . To ensure this, our business ethics is irrefutable about the requirements presented by the tenant and the guarantees that this entails .

  • Pricing: Magaly Yanez Public Auctioneer and Broker of Commerce, has extensive experience and knowledge of the local real estate market that ensures optimal pricing of properties.


  • Seriousness: We understand the magnitude that has a real estate transaction for our clients and work under it. In Casa Nueva one person takes care of a business from inception to completion.

  • Discretion: In this line of business any action is good enough if not accompanied by a high degree of discretion. Our customers can be assured that all information surrounding a transaction is protected by the company.


Casa Nueva joins the estate trend to offer its customers a good insurance coverage, so we have added the best Insurance options to our services.